The ever-flowing unshed tears The gasping for words and breathe Undecipherable Lamentations bubbling from the core Expressing itself in thousands Wordless words     Liquid pains surging Sending lightning bolt jolts Pain monster caressing my joint With phalanges of hydra Probing my very breath Until my pain and groan blend     As I stutter …

Changing the change

Working towards being bettered But pummelled and battered By unchanging change Labouring to secure the favour But funnelled and shattered By unchanging change Stretching and longing for the change But elusive and effusive change Change turning to the chagrin Time to change the change To re-change for the desired When the available is changing   …

Peace of mind

Peace of mind Silence so sweet Sweetness is serene Serenity devoid of chao Peace of mind absolute Understanding this deflate pressure Tension punctured and doused Kinks tanks removed Peace gate opened... Isaacola


I may lack it all But the bone back Is stiff and rigid Unrelentingly tenacious Ramrod backbone     The spine may look tiny But it comes from weather Beaten and stress stretched I refuse in all to give up I'll give it all Isaacola AA